About Randolph County

Randolph County is named after Edmund Jennings Randolph (1753-1813) who was a native Virginian. In his career, Edmund was an American attorney, the seventh Governor of Virginia, and second Secretary of State. He took part in the delegation of the Continental Congress (1779-1789) and was a leading member of the Philadelphia Convention that wrote the U.S Constitution.
Randolph County is 1,040 square miles, has a population of 27,806 according to the 2020 census and is the largest county in West Virginia. The county seat is located in Elkins and there are seven municipalities that make up the county.

What to do in Randolph County, West Virginia

The Visitor Bureau Site is a great starting point to exploring what Randolph County has to offer.
Randolph County is full of historic landmarks. The National Register of Historic Places has a list of the different historic spots throughout Randolph County.
Another great website is from West Virginia Explorer, and that lists different hiking locations in Randolph County along with towns, and historic sites.